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Hi, my name is Colleen Kimberly Broersma and I want to help your company create a conscious digital footprint based in transparency, integrity and love for both your clients and our Earth. 

I help you align with your vision and create inspiring and engaging content based on that vision.

My approach is unique in that I work to co-create this content with Divine Guidance.  Together we work with the Law Of Attraction to create what is called a Destination Vibration.  This vibration helps create momentum and align your vision with the abundance your brand and company desire. 

Everything we do together is heart-based and

completely authentic to your brand, which is then amplified back to your customers. 

Todays world craves honesty and integrity from the people they buy products from.  Be one of those brands.  Let me help you align with your truth.  

Colleen Kimberly Broersma 

BeMore Elite Social Media 

Conscious Creative Director 

In the Vibration of Love 

Co-Creating Your Story with Divine Guidance



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Colleen Kimberly  Broersma


Founder & Digital Co-Creator 

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